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Zucchini Royale is a battle Visual Novel where you play as Depresso and you have to fight some other Zucchinis.

Yes, this is the context you are gonna get on this page.

This game was made by GissyEva and TenshiHanka.

Gissy did the coding for the story parts, the regular sprite art, two themes, and the menu gui.

Tenshi did the coding for the battle system, battle sprites, and the rest of the music.

And the backgrounds is from the glorious site, shutterstock


ZucchiniRoyale-1.0-pc.zip 68 MB
ZucchiniRoyale-1.0-mac.zip 51 MB
ZucchiniRoyale-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 57 MB

Install instructions

Extract file, go to folder, double click exe.

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